The 50 Largest Public SaaS Companies in 2019

These are the 50 biggest publicly-listed SaaS companies by market capitalization as of the end of February, 2019.

I originally compiled this list for my research on the top traffic sources of SaaS companies.

All of these businesses are listed on stock exchanges in the U.S., but not all of them are based in the U.S. (Atlassian’s headquarters is in Sydney, Australia, for example.)

The list includes website traffic data from SimilarWeb and other competitive intelligence tools, and growth rate insights from Cristoph Janz. Note that only websites with above-average traffic from social media include data on traffic from specific social channels.

I plan on periodically refreshing this list to keep it up-to-date. Is there other information or competitive intelligence you’d like to see included, like revenue, profit, etc.? Please send me a note and let me know.